Ramadhan responsibilities including managing the developer team to work based on customer requirements. With more than 10 years experiences he able to lead the developers to work faster with maintaining the quality. He likes to learn all the times, he is specialist in backend software development, and also work on user interface and care about user experience.

{:}{:hk}Ramadhan的職責是根據客戶要求,管理開發團隊的工作。 憑藉10多年的經驗,他能夠使開發人員保持質量并更有效率地工作。 他一直在學習新技術,是後端軟件開發的專家,並且關心用戶界面和用戶體驗。{:}{:zh}Ramadhan的职责是根据客户要求,管理开发团队的工作。凭借10多年的经验,他能够使开发人员保持质量并更有效率地工作。他一直在学习新技术,是后端软件开发的专家,并且关心用户界面和用户体验。{:}